Trail Acc Trailer Spares, Repairs & Accessories is a leading supplier of trailer parts, axles, leaf springs and spares in Gauteng South Africa and part of the Trail Acc Group which also includes Trail Acc Trailer Hire and Trail Acc Trailer Sales and Manufacturing. Our trailer parts list consists of Rubbaride trailer axles, standard high speed axles, braked axle accessories, couplers – braked & unbraked,  jockey wheels & parking jacks, leaf springs & mounting kits, mudguards, body components, electrical components, pressure lever locks, slides & pressure locks. We export trailer parts and spares to African countries include amongst others Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We do deliveries of large orders from our head office in Pretoria to Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg and all other areas in Gauteng. A courier service is also available. Our workshop facility to repair and service all makes and types of trailers is available.

Trailer axles
We specialise in high speed standard length trailer axles, branded or custom built. Any custom order or large quantities can be supplied.

Trailer servicing and repairs
We do not only sell trailer parts and spares, but service and repair all trailers in South Africa - even any no-name brands or your home built one. Our repair workshop facility is based at the Watermeyer street branch.

Trailer parts, spares and accessories
We have spares to service and repair all the trailers in South Africa including tail lights, spring bolts, drop-side and long-leaf hinges, mudguards, light brackets, license disc holders, chevrons and lights for:
4 X 4 and camping trailers
Agricultural trailers
Car trailers
Cattle trailers
Custom built trailers
Flat bed trailers
Garden refuse trailers
Horse box trailers
Kiosk trailers
Luggage trailers
Motorcycle trailers
Quad bike trailers

All Trail Acc Trailer Spares & Accessories sales representatives are trained to assist you enquiries.
Parts and accessories can be ordered directly.

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